A great instrument is more than just precision craftsmanship. It is more than high end hardware, carefully chosen wood, the perfect finish and top notch electronics. It is more than delicate balance, ergonomics, maximum playability and rich tone. A great instrument is a companion that blends a player with their music in a way that no other instrument can. A great instrument changes the notes that a musician plays and colors each phrase with articulation and soul.
Michael Barton is dedicated to creating instruments that are as unique as the musician that holds it in their hands. It is the culmination of decades of playing and the study of visual art that has given Michael the unique ability to find a voice in each creation. Michael would like to help you find your voice and your musical partner. Whether you are purchasing an existing instrument or commissioning your own inspiration, Michael is dedicated to making sure that every work is not only masterfully crafted, but also built in a way that brings your soulmate to life.
There is a story behind each instrument, there is a story behind each name. Just ask, Michael would be happy to tell you about them.