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Joshua is the first Lumière bass I created. I have some amazing friends that live in the Pacific Northwest. In 2017, I was fortunate to run the Eugene Marathon, and while I was out there we stopped by a peculiar barn filled with stacks of wood harvested from the area. Not having space in my luggage for wood, and after experiencing sticker shock, I purchased a single chunk of old growth, fiddleback Redwood that had washed up on a beach. After a few years, a piece of this wood became the center of Joshua’s design concept. This wood is the ramp found in between the pickups. The book matched, Redwood top is also old growth Redwood that was reclaimed after being harvested over 100 years ago. Many builders use practices that skirt the line of ethics and sustainability; others, frankly, cross the line entirely. One of my goals is to maintain my integrity by using reclaimed or sustainable woods that keep the places the I love to visit beautiful. It’s also more fun to find things that have a story. The real life Joshua was my biggest fan for that first marathon.