Leo Clips

Leo was created for Emmy nominated composer and artist Sean McKee. Inspired by mathematics and meticulous design, Leo is named in honor of Leonardo Fibonacci. The design started from 5 multi scale strings that were no more than lines on a sketchpad. From there every decision was made based on ergonomics, playability, tone and visual impact. Leo’s body shape allows for each string to be played all the way to the 26th fret with ease. The multiscale strings not only give Leo a crystal clear voice, they allow for a natural playing position that is like no other. Leo’s fingerboard features thin gauged frets that are smooth, easy to play and bring a warm, woody tone. Leo is finished with hand-rubbed oils that awaken the senses when he is taken out of the case. With a nod to astronomy and the universe, Leo is accented by luminescent dot markers that glow in the dark. There will be other basses that use this design, but there will only ever be one Leo.