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There is a certain humor to the Myrtlewood used for Victoria. I have spent a good deal of time in the Pacific Northwest, and the coastline is like no other place that I have been. It is impossible to drive through Oregon or Northern California without being bombarded with signs for Myrtlewood gifts and trinkets. Naturally, I could not resist the opportunity to use it for a bass, and the results are no joke. Victoria is a 5 string piccolo bass with a crystal clear tone amplified or acoustic. As for her name, the real life Victoria is a special, quirky friend that has gone through trials and setbacks while dragging my wife through her PhD, and achieving that high honor herself. This bass was completed during a global pandemic while my wife was defending her dissertation, and the real life Victoria was there the whole way. I can’t think of another human that this quirky and brilliant bass should be dedicated to.